The only Mythic planet of Project Nebula`s Generation Zero.
Auctioned for 14 444 ICX

a uniquely interactive lore discovery

Waiting to be uncovered beneath the mists of this Mythic planet is a truly, one-of-a-kind discovery for the single adventurer lucky enough to obtain it. Project Nebula’s first storyline that puts you behind the actions. This interactive bit of lore will allow your choices to help write the future of The Gateway leap.

an exclusive digital 8k art piece

“Orbiting this planet is beautiful, but I can’t imagine what it must look like from the surface”
- Jade Stennel exploration crew

Beautifully designed by Austrian digital artist Elias Stern, this one-time discovery will only be made available to the explorer who first captures this Mythic planet.

And as a special bonus, the winner receives  a 1.5 meter print delivered to their home in addition to the digital collection artwork.

a specially orchestrated theme song

This unique score, created by Estonian musician Ewert Sundja, delivers a universe of emotion as the Mythic planet finds its first inhabitant. Over four minutes of original music created specifically for this Mythic discovery can be found on the planet surface. Like the lore and art it accompanies, the Mythical symphony also has but only one copy available.

“Attention, crew:

We have very likely detected the remaining ruins of an ancient, alien civilization. This is the real deal, people. Our window of opportunity to investigate is extremely small. There’s something in the planet’s atmosphere and it’s spreading rapidly towards the site. This will be a Code F mission, as dangerous as it gets.

A team of specialists is currently being put together to head down to the discovery site. If you receive a notification, head to the hangar bay immediately; you will be briefed during your descent to the surface. Good luck out there.

Everyone who isn’t selected for the exploration team: I’m still going to need you to be at 110% for this.
Stay focused, We’re about to make history.”


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