1. You will need an ICON wallet to log in to the marketplace

ICONex wallet is available in Chrome Web Store

2. You will need to use a browser that supports the ICONEX wallet.

We recommend using either Chrome or Brave.

3. Send ICX to your ICON wallet

Make sure your wallet has enough funds to satisfy your craving for interstellar investments

4. Log in to the Marketplace using the following instructions:

Click on the "Log in using ICONEX" button
Choose your wallet and press "Confirm"

NB! Marketplace will be opened prior to the start of the presale.

5. You are all set, go grab your first planet!

Find a planet that you'd like to purchase
Click on the "Buy for ICX" button
Enter the password of your wallet and click "Transfer"
Then click "Transfer" again
And then, you guessed it, click "Transfer" once more (this was the last time)

6. Congratulations! You now own a planet in the New Galaxy!