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Explore, Collect, and Grow Resources

Explore the universe, colonize planets, and build. Planets have upgrade slots, industry and research stats and credit generation. Use your territories to build a stronger empire, increase your planets' value and study an extensive research tree.

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NFT Marketplace

The Project Nebula marketplace is a player-controlled NFT trade outpost. The first on the ICON blockchain. You can easily buy, sell, and auction planets, and their collectible art, music and lore pieces, with your ICONex wallet. Show off your planet's value and play-to-earn.

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Collectible Art, Music, and Lore

We bring artists, writers, and musicians together to create beautiful, unique works of art. You can collect, trade, and own beautiful (and sometimes even one-of-a-kind) pieces of Project Nebula history. From 8k Digital Images to choose your own path style lore.

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From the forge

What's happening at ICON Forge

Fungible Tokens v. Non-Fungible Tokens

Blockchain began with fungible tokens, but its evolution brought the non-fungibles. So what sets non-fungible tokens (NFTs) apart from their fungible step-brothers and makes them awesome?

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How to Buy NFTs

Non-fungible tokens are your ticket to the next level of strategy and online gaming. They let you control value, ownership, and transferability of your assets. Ready to grab a planet? This 3 step article will ensure you're NFT-capable in just a few minutes. 

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What are NFTs?

Can you truly own in-game assets? Yes. And the answer is made possible by NFTs. Arguably the sweetest thing from blockchain technology. See how Project Nebula puts the ownership into the player's hands through NFT assets and an open marketplace.

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Discovering Avastus
We have very likely detected the remaining ruins of an ancient, alien civilization. This is the real deal, people. Our window of opportunity to investigate is extremely small. There’s something in the planet’s atmosphere and it’s spreading rapidly towards the site. This will be a Code F mission, as dangerous as it gets.

A team of specialists is currently being put together to head down to the discovery site. If you receive a notification, head to the hangar bay immediately; you will be briefed during your descent to the surface. Good luck out there...

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