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Explore, Collect, and Grow Resources

Explore the universe, colonize planets, and build. Planets have upgrade slots, industry and research stats and credit generation. Use your territories to build a stronger empire, increase your planets' value and study an extensive research tree.

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NFT Marketplace

The Project Nebula marketplace is a player-controlled NFT trade outpost. It is also the first on the ICON blockchain. You can easily buy, sell, and auction planets and spaceships with your ICONex wallet. Show off your NFT's value and discover the true definition of play-to-earn.

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Collectible Art, Music, and Lore

We bring artists, writers, and musicians together to create beautiful, unique works of art. You can collect, trade, and own beautiful (and sometimes even one-of-a-kind) pieces of Project Nebula history. From 8k Digital Images to choose-your-path style lore.

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From the forge

What's new at Project Nebula?

LATEST: Game Launch and GEN-1 NFTs

Play-to-earn on 27 JUL 2021 when Project Nebula launches alongside the release of GEN-1 NFTs. Earn 25% when finding new Legendary and Mythics. Discover over 5,000 unique planets. Find your strategy and dominate the new galaxy.

How to Buy NFTs

Non-fungible tokens are your ticket to the next level of strategy and online gaming. They let you control value, ownership, and transferability of your assets. Ready to grab a planet? This 3 step article will ensure you're NFT-capable in just a few minutes. 

Spaceships, Exploration and Discovery

Hop in an NFT spaceship and venture into the void to discover a world of unique objects and encounters in Project Nebula's online strategy game on the ICON blockchain.

Lore: The Second Wind

Read Project Nebula's online strategy game's most recent community driven adventure! The Second Wind is a thrilling tale of one of the first ships through the Gateway, wrought with odd encounters, sticky situations and some seriously strategic decision making.

Lore Based NFT Introduction

Visit the NFT collections menu and you’ll find an ever-growing array of lore for the Project Nebula online strategy game. These stories herald the first explorers to come through the Gateway in search of hope and exploration. The people, their ships and the planets they discover hold significant value.

Fuel, Credits, Industry and Research

Exploration is a large facet of the Project Nebula universe, but how well you explore and what you do with your discoveries will largely depend on resources. This article will easily break down Fuel, Credits, Industry, and Research for you before you hop in your ship and venture into the void in Project Nebula's NFT based, online strategy game.

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