Project Nebula

It is the year 2653. The future of our world is threatened by a massive gamma-ray burst discovered at the center of the galaxy - a deadly explosion that will predictably cause apocalyptic events throughout the region.

Even though mankind has already expanded to many nearby solar systems, there is no known way of escaping the Great Calamity - an eventual doom to intelligent life in our galaxy.

“Project Nebula” was created by The Interstellar Coalition with one purpose - to find a way to continue our existence. For decades, researchers all over the region worked tirelessly to come up with a solution, but without any luck.

Until a mysterious wormhole was spotted at the frontier of the Coalition territories.

Immediately after this discovery, the ISC started research and preparations for a possible wormhole jump. Until this moment, dozens of ships have already made the jump and many more are on the way.

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