Since development began in May 2020, Project Nebula has been growing even more rapidly than we at ICON Forge could ever have expected. The first round of presale planets sold out in under 4 minutes. We were pumped. Then came spaceships, lightyears ahead of schedule. Now it's hard to imagine launching without them (insert laughter).

Start a factory and produce next-gen spaceships. Sell them for profit. You may even make the best Ceres Backup Modules this Galaxy has ever seen.

Over 20 planet-based elements and even more crafting possibilities are coming to an open, player-driven economy in Project Nebula.

And it's all about NFTs.

Take on both the player and the galaxy with your newly upgraded ships. From random encounters to faction-packed player battles, the galaxy will be full of opportunities to show off your might.

Might be a good time to grab a little insurance and an extra escape pod.

Grab a spaceship, claim a planet and jump through the Gateway into the new Galaxy.

There will never be a better time than now to be on the forefront of exploration. The Project Nebula universe is expanding quickly and every new discovery adds value to those brave enough to have already embarked on this journey with us.

See you out there, Commander.