Our Crew

Holger Sundja

Co-founder and CEO

Holger is the CEO/Co-founder of ICON Forge and bears a degree in Business Administration from the Estonian Business School. Years of solid marketing experience and a great haircut are just a bonus.

Kaarel Sööt

Co-founder and CTO

Kaarel is the CTO/Co-founder of ICON Forge, a full-stack dev and ICON Enthusiast; father, gamer, lover and not necessarily in that order.

Ewert Sundja


Ewert is the leader of Ewert and the Two Dragons, a skilled musician and a talented composer. When he's not stealing hearts, he's making soundtracks for planets.

Daniel Faubion

Customer Relations Manager

Daniel has been a freelance editor, radio personality, and 5+ year fin-tech builder. The only time he's not making people happy is when he's singing Queen at karaoke.

August Vaiksoo


August joined as a developer in October and has been excelling since. His passion for books led to a 5 year stint at a beautiful, used book shop and a lifetime of reading.

Taavi Kusmin

Writer of Lore

Taavi is an accomplished writer and Sci-Fi enthusiast. Years of world-building and storytelling from his on-going time as a Dungeon Master now turn into immersive Project Nebula lore.

Elias Stern

Digital Artist

Elias is a self-taught Austrian illustrator and 3D artist. He's professionally worked in print media, book and game illustration, advertising, VR and more. Professionally and personally, art is his passion.

Discovering Avastus
We have very likely detected the remaining ruins of an ancient, alien civilization. This is the real deal, people. Our window of opportunity to investigate is extremely small. There’s something in the planet’s atmosphere and it’s spreading rapidly towards the site. This will be a Code F mission, as dangerous as it gets.

A team of specialists is currently being put together to head down to the discovery site. If you receive a notification, head to the hangar bay immediately; you will be briefed during your descent to the surface. Good luck out there...

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